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Sanford Health Simulation Center and Mobile Simulation

Sanford Mobile Simulation

Sanford Health Mobile Simulation Program serves a variety of clinical learning and education needs.  Participants represent a diverse clinical workforce with backgrounds in industrial, first responder, EMS, military, clinic, hospitals and specialty care environments such as dental offices and athletic trainers.  Learning opportunities are conducted on-site through the Mobile Simulation Truck or within the facility as an in situ experience.  Immersive simulation scenarios provide learners an opportunity to encounter various clinical situations and an opportunity to learn from debriefing feedback.  Simulation scenarios are conducted in a educational format that allows participants an opportunity to work together as a team while focusing on safe clinical care. A team based approach allows learners to apply critical thinking and clinical judgement in the assessment and treatment of a simulated patient.

Multiple simulation platforms are available for learners to interact with during their simulation experience.  Our mobile simulation platform offers learners the opportunity to work with adult, pediatric, infant, maternal and neonates mannequins.  Most cases are custom built for the learner group to match their clinical needs and fulfill performance expectations.  All simulation education is conducted in a no-fault no-risk environment that promotes open communication and optimal learning.

The mobile simulation team works closely with agencies and facilities to build and design scenarios that suit the needs of the site and learners.  Educational and skills based learning occurs within the scenario to provide participants an immersive opportunity to act on either common or infrequent situations or clinical skills.  Learners have the opportunity to refine their learning experience by participating in multiple scenarios throughout each session.

Sanford Health’s Mobile Simulation Program is a partner site of the Simulation in Motion – South Dakota program hosted by the South Dakota Department of Health Office of Rural Health.  This program was made possible by generous initial and ongoing funding opportunities from the Helmsley Charitable Trust. 


Sanford Health Simulation Center

The Simulation Program at Sanford Health includes a mobile truck along with three dedicated simulation labs for clinical staff from within and external to the organization.   The Sanford Health Simulation Center is a 3500+sqft facility showcasing two dedicated simulation suites, two dedicated debriefing rooms, clinical skills lab, control room along with ancillary rooms for simulation and skills based learning.  Immersive educational opportunities within the Simulation Center supports learners with various clinical backgrounds and needs.  Participants have the opportunity to experience multiple mannequin platforms offering various levels of immersive clinical encounters.  Mannequin platforms include adult, pediatric, infant, maternal and neonatal clinical experiences.

The Sanford Health Simulation Center is housed within the overarching education department that hosts a vast depth of educational and clinical expertise supporting various clinical backgrounds.  The Simulation Center provides learners an opportunity to experience educational events leveraged off of didactic, hands-on, and simulation platforms.  New employees, existing employees along with external participants are able to utilize the vast resources available within the Simulation Center.

The Sanford Health Surgical, Cardiovascular and Gastrointestinal Simulations Centers

The Sanford Health Surgical and Cardiovascular Simulation Center is housed within the Sanford USD Medical Center and is dedicated to learning needs of our residency programs and employees.  State of the art robotic simulation platforms provide Residents and Fellows lifelike encounters that provide both foundational and advanced learning opportunities.  Additional hands-on skills based opportunities are offered in conjunction to the robust technology infrastructure available at Sanford Health.


The Sanford Health Gastrointestinal Residency program will be housed within Sanford USD Medical Center and is dedicated to residency programs focused on GI health and wellbeing.  Immersive learning opportunities are showcased by the use of robotic simulation platforms and hands-on skills based educational opportunities.

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