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Information on the Center for Prehospital Care and Simulation

Sanford Health Center for Prehospital Care and Simulation is a regionalized education and training facility located in Sioux Falls, SD serving learners from across the United States and from International markets.  Our education department is focused and dedicated on delivering quality based EMS education for primary and continuing educational needs.  Additionally our team provides a variety of immersive simulation experiences through mobile and onsite options. 

Our service lines cover a variety of educational opportunities for individuals working inside and outside the walls of a hospital.  We have the ability to customize educational experiences that suit the needs of learners representing various back grounds (military, law enforcement, first responders, fire departments, ambulance services, clinics, hospitals and specialty care facilities).

Educational events are available through various learning platforms:

  • Educational Services hosted in Sioux Falls, SD

  • Educational Services onsite at the requesting agency or facility

  • Educational Services provided through LIVE video technology  (Live Interactive Video Education)

  • Educational Services provided through online platforms

  • Educational Services provided through a hybrid format of online and in-person options

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